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The Pharma Globe AG is a biopharmaceutical Swiss company focusing on research and development of innovative vaccine products, targeting unmet medical needs.

The company assets includes a late stage, low-risk pipeline of several advanced projects and broadly applicable technology platforms that already generate several product candidates. Relying on its unique pipeline, the company intends to become a major player in the vaccine world.

Total sales can be estimated in the magnitude of several Billion CHF.


The internationally renowned scientific team of Pharma Globe
consists of absolute specialists and is constantly being enlarged. Here is a small excerpt:

Prof. Dr. Philippe Paroz
CEO Pharma Globe AG
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Glück
CSO Pharma Globe AG
Prof. Dr. Gaurav Gupta
COO Pharma Globe AG

An exclusive platform based on an non-replicating Sendai virus, in licensed from various institutes and universities will be used as a vector for a broad range of new safe and effective vaccine. The first one is a vaccine against respiratory infections caused by the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) which affects more than 18 million people. This vaccine will enter in a challenge study which will bring Pharma Globe AG at the forefront of the development of such vaccine.

A new vaccine which will elicit antibody against PD1 receptor for the therapeutic vaccination for different cancer patients and a wide range of tumor types is in development. The project is supported by FSE EUR 5 Mio. Funds (EU and Government of Italy).

Two novel highly efficient adjuvants in licensed from Heimholtz Center for Infection Research will allow Pharma Globe AG to increase the immune response with a broad pallet of vaccines.

With the seed strains recognized as safe and highly effective vaccine strains, Pharma Globe AG has access to a large portfolio of more than 10 routine vaccines for children and adults.

Bacterial therapeutic vaccines based on different inactivated lactobacillus strains for the treatment of urogenital infections with high potential to cure vaginitis in woman and prostatis in men are currently in clinical phase III.

To name some of our partners; such as various institutes and universities, Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, University/ETH Zurich, University of Pittsburgh, University of Oxford, University of Catania, University of Siena and the Jenner University are either active or passive involved in the research and development process.


In a first phase, Pharma Globe AG is seeking equity to continue its research and position the company for the active marketing of its products. (Out-Licensing).

A second phase closes the circle of our investments to start with the construction of two own production sites. Thus, a large range of high-quality vaccines can be produced in-house. One location each is planned in Switzerland and in the EU area.

Within 24 to 36 months, the company can finance its cash flow by selling its own vaccines. It is important to know that there is a great shortage of vaccines worldwide. It is therefore conceivable that these ideal circumstances will allow very high sales for vaccine manufacturers, and a multiplication of the stock value is therefore likely to be possible.

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